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  • WonderGel is the most advanced cushioning material available today. Made from an ultra-modern copolymer, WonderGel provides comfortable support while eliminating pressure spikes. This lets you sit hours longer in oh-so-wonderful comfort.
  • Cushions made with traditional or memory foam create "push-back", so that if you need to sit for more than a few minutes, you may experience discomfort.
  • Long-lasting and durable WonderGel cushioning uses the ingenious principle of column buckling. As pressure increases, WonderGel columns buckle, distributing the weight to neighboring columns. This virtually eliminates uncomfortable pressure points.
  • WonderGel provides immediate, continuous cushioning - no need to wait for foam to heat up or conform to your body every time you change position. The result: a truly revolutionary advance in cushioning technology that provides the ultimate cushioning experience.
  • WonderGel was created by our cushioning scientists whose unique, patented cushioning materials have been used in leading brand of footwear, mattresses, medical products, sporting goods, and industrial protection products.

  What is the WonderGel Seat Cushion?